Let's talk about KEY concepts in working with trauma & psychosis - using yoga.

Did you like the conversation? Let's MEET-UP again!

At our first MEET-UP there was a guest: dr. Jules Tielens, a Dutch psychiatrist who's expertise is working with psychosis. We talked about what psychosis is according to the books and how dr. Tielens see this in his way.

He spoke about the importance of de-stressing psychotic people. Because, most of them feel, that they are hyper sensitive. And they are. This may has to do with the level of dopamine in the brain. Their brains can be very sensitive to noise, sounds, interpretations and signals they see. Their interpretations of what is happening in the world may be different than how other people see things.

Another doctor that I really like in the field, is dr. Jim van Os. He likes to see the word Schizophrenia replaced with the word: salience syndrome. First place because the word schizophrena is a highly stigmatizing word and also this is what a psychosis does: it's highlighting everything, which is stressful.

This easily creates confusion and disconnection (with themselves and the world around them) and can end up in isolation. Thats where lots of damage starts according to Jules and mine experiences. De-stressing, an open attitude towards psychosis, normalising and bringing in community could be very helpful.

MEET-UP #2 will be only with me, no guest this time. We will continou the conversation and I wil add the subjects of TRAUMA.
Trauma is very much under-diagnosed in psychosis and that is a real shame because:

Complaints are worse
Functioning is worse
PTSD is not often noticed, they do not get treatment

MEET ME ONLINE and we will:

⏦Tackle some fears and misconceptions on psychosis.
⏦Talk about the KEY concepts in working with trauma & psychosis.
⏦ Share some of my experiences from my recent pilots 'yoga for early psychosis'
Friday March 24th 2017 at 10.00 AM CET

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This MEET-up is for yoga therapists, yoga teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, medical students and all others who are interested in out-of-the-box vieuws on psychosis as well as integrating yoga into therapy.
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This MEET-UP is perfect for you if...


••• You are working with people suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar or any other related disorder.

••• You are a yoga teacher who wants to work with specialized groups (i.e. in healthcare, prison, military)

••• You are a certified yoga therapist or still in training.

••• You’re a medical professional wanting to integrate yoga in your healthcare practice.

••• You feel like there's a gap between your yoga training and starting to apply what you learned, in a safe, practical and efficient way in your work.

••• You like to get connected with people who are as passioned as you about this (I know, it feels lonely sometimes..!?)

Anneke Sips (RN)
"Come as you are, teach as they are"
The MEET-UPS are led by Anneke, founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference.

She is a multi-passioned nurse with almost 19 years of hands-on experience in complex psychiatric care, Her insight comes from practice, experience and excellent teachers and mentors.

AG Mohan and Indra Mohan teach her all she needs to know about yoga and with her creative mind she blends this together into a grounding and sensitive yoga therapeutic practice.
What to expect ?
 Support and guidance in transitioning from theory to practice.
 The CLINIC mentor, teacher and guests have years of hands-on clinical experience.
 An international community of like-minded professionals with the same passion of bringing together the worlds of healthcare and yoga for the benefit of our patients.
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